Welcome to Bin el Ouidane     - Bookings for 2020 are OPEN!!

It is all about the EXPERIENCE, the FISHING and the ADVENTURE.

So what does "limited edition" stand for? In short; we are limiting the number of camps (anglers) in order to deliver an even greater carp fishing adventure! Fewer anglers now allows us to keep within our wild pioneer carping ethos!

The mighty Bin El Ouidane is a truly magnificent carpers paradise and by limiting the numbers, anglers will now have a greater wilder experience allowing thousands of acres of water to fish per camp.....

In 2019 we also introduce a new food experience, where you can have our top chef cooking in your camp for you and your group. A delicious new menu has also been added, with a wide ranging choice of Moroccan and European dishes.

With regards to the camps, we are introducing carp chairs, emergency phones, charging battery, hotspot/wifi (no more sim cards) and our breakfast boxes will be upgraded with additional food items, and a new range of quality utensils for cooking. 

Service and guidance will consequently improve due to reduced numbers of anglers on the lake, allowing our guides to focus more on assisting all anglers to catch their dreams and to get the most out of the BEO adventure.

We are all excited about the limited edition, this is wild carping at its best, on one of the most breathtaking Carp lakes worldwide! 

  • January and February: max 7 camps* fishing in French Bay, Bay of the Princes, Kwint's area, Basecamp Bay and Hotel Bay.
  • March, April and May: max 14 camps*. Same areas as in Jan/Feb but we also open up Ahansal Bay, Prison island and West Point.
  • June to December: same as January and February, max 7 camps*.

* you can be 1, 2 or 3 anglers per camp. Click here for lake map 

CURRENT PROMOTIONS - limited spaces

Summer promotion 2019* - 35% off your fishing & non anglers stay in camp for free!! Make your booking as usual and expect to hear from our agent within a few days with confirmation of space and the discounted price. Pay the booking fee and your holiday is secured. Book your flight tickets, pack your bags and off you go!!
*Valid July 1 until September 15, 2019 

To make your reservation please follow these 5 steps:

  1. Check flights to Marrakech or Casablanca.
  2. Fill in the reservation form below. (Questions or requests at the end of the reservation form. Total price will be calculated at the bottom.)
  3. Once you hit the "Reservation" button you will receive an automatic email confirming your reservation.
  4. Allow 1-3 days before you receive a personal answer/confirmation from your agent.
  5. Bookings and dates are fixed and final from the moment the booking fee (200 euros per person) has been paid to our Paypal account. 

The remaining amount shall be paid in full upon arrival at the reception in Hotel Bin el Ouidane. Unfortunately we accept only payments in cash (euros).

The booking fee is non-refundable.

For your convenience use a laptop when making your reservation. If don't have access to a computer then click on the link below for a more mobile friendly version of the reservation form.  MOBILE FRIENDLY RESERVATION FORM --> CLICK HERE!