To make your reservation for 2018, please follow these steps:

1. Check your flight (it is normally cheaper to fly to Marrakech)
2. Fill in the reservation form below. (If you have questions or requests, write them at the end of the reservation form.)
3. The total price will be calculated at the end of the form.
4. Once you hit the "Reservation" button you will receive an automatic email confirming your reservation.
5. Allow 1-3 days before you receive a personal answer/confirmation from us.
6. Bookings and dates are fixed and final from the moment the deposit (200 euros per person) has been paid to our Paypal account. Please note; If deposit is not paid within 7 days from making your reservation, it will automatically be cancelled.
7. The remaining amount shall be paid in full upon arrival at the reception in Hotel Bin el Ouidane. Unfortunately we accept only payments in cash (euros).

Once you paid the deposit you may cancel your booking no later than 60 days before arrival. The deposit will then be returned in full.

For your convenience use a laptop when making your reservation. If don't have access to a computer then click on the link below for a more mobile friendly version of the reservation form.



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q - If we take an early flight arriving at 11 am in Marrakech/Casablanca, can we skip the hotel and go straight to fishing?
A - Yes, if you arrive in lake Bin el Ouidane before 3 pm there is enough time to choose swim and set up camp before night fall. If, due to traffic or other circumstances you will be delayed then you will stay at the hotel and next day head out to your chosen swim.

Q - In case of sickness/illness or injury, what can we expect?
A - Nearest private hospital is located in the city of Beni Mellal (apprx. 1 hr drive from the lake).
Tips! Check if your health insurance covers a visit to Morocco.

Q - Are there any “lake rules” that we should know of?
A - Not really. You may camp and fish day & night within our designated area (which hold some 20+ swims). Other than that there are of course common sense and for your own security:
  • The use of a life jacket is compulsory, always use it when you are in the boat.
  • Always take a set of oars in the boat, even when you are using an electric engine.
  • Never use the boat with hard wind or storm.
  • Never use the boat alone in the dark or without supervision of a fellow angler.

Q - Can we alter swims free of charge?
A - You can alter swim once, free of charge. Our staff will assist you all the way.

Q - How is the weather?

Q - Is there anything worth visit in the nearby area?
A - This area is full of things to see or do. Azilal region offers rafting, climbing, fishing, hunting, base-jumping, mountain biking and more. In this region you will find dinosaur tracks, amazing caves, waterfalls and more. If we have to pick one place then without doubt it will be the Ouzoud waterfalls. Click here to see video. Hotel Bin el Ouidane can arrange numerous trips and activities. Check out their website for more information.

If you have additional questions our agents/representatives will gladly answer them for you.