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Well you could say we got off to a flying start!!
October was our opening month, having spent the last 6 months meticulously preparing for this date, all new top of the range gear bought from Europe and driven many hundreds of miles by Hamid into Morocco, our great team of guides all ready and eagerly awaiting the arrival of those lucky enough to be visiting the Great Lake, and hundreds of Kilos of our new Atlas 2.0 Boilie rolled and ready, we were set to Rock and roll and start fishing........ 

Our lovely team of guides are on the lake 24/7, Salah our guide and a great carp angler himself has a wealth of up to date info on the fishing and is constantly in tune as to where the fish are, to help put any clients arriving on the lake on fish. This is paramount to a successful trip and an area we place great importance on. 

In just under 4 weeks we've had over 400 carp caught to some very happy clients! And some fish of a lifetime to those lucky comes as no surprise all this months clients have booked a return trip many before they even left the lake! 

The weather this month was glorious, high day time temps, and calm warm nights! Water levels are still dropping but with the rain expected anytime soon, these levels will rise again in very short time. It has in no way effected the fishing as the results speak for themself. 

Here is our October catch report, and a sample of photos...

-Our agent @Chris Jahrbracher and his Fishingmate Michael Guber, spent a week on the lake.

Fishing three different areas from the lake , they took over 100 fish, with many 13-17k fish and 3 fantastic Mirror Carp. using maize and Badgersbest boilies, most fish come from paradise island... 

-Alexander Barre, fished paradise island, catching some wonderful fish to 18k using maize and our Atlas 2.0 boilies. 

-Tony Celis from the uk fished a new swim infront of the hotel bank. In under a week Tony smashed it with over 100 carp to 20k. With many from 15 -18k. A great bit of fishing to one man, working day and night to keep on the fish. 

-Two Italians Giacomo Leon Colcelli and Massimo Cecotto had a fantastic session on stefans point.
Fishing various depths of 6m to 12m they had over 28 carp to 21k(45lb)
10 fish over 15k
Some amazing fish. Maize and Boillie accounting for all fish. 

-A group of 5 anglers from France enjoyed an amazing session!
Frank Stephani, Nico Nash, Joan Depape, Zilliox Sebastien and Galerme Jeremie fished paradise island! Mirrors are rare and most sought after on BEO, these guys caught two absolute gems! 24k 55lb and 22k mirrors, two fish of a lifetime, and a further 5 commons over 19k to 22k!
Nico Nash from this group left to fish swim of Hamid infront of the hotel. Fishing to a sunken island at distance he caught some great fish to 19k (41lb) All fish to boilies. 

-Sam Jefferys of Morocco carp, returned to the lake.
Fishing at long distance from
Stefans point in deep 15m to 18m water he managed to locate some big fish.
Catching 40 fish, 20 over 15k and 10 carp between 18k (40lb) and 22k!!
This was a big hit of fish, all caught over large beds of our Atlas 2.0 boilies and maize soaked in mollases! 

November and December have always fished well, often better than October! Get in Contact with our Agents Chris Jahrbacher or Sam Jefferys for the Fishing. 

We look forward to seeing what the next month will bring!!
The fishing this month has been spectacular, and so from all of the team here at Morocco carp, it's been a great pleasure to meet everyone that's joined us, many new friends made, happy times enjoyed, much laughter and some massive BEO carp and big smiles! Life is good.


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